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PJ Powder started in 2009 offering quality powder coating services to manufacturers and fabricators in the Central Florida area. At that time we were located in Lake County. The location served us well but more and more of our customers were coming from Orlando, often traveling more than an hour each way to bring us parts for powder coating. To better serve our customers we relocated to East Orlando in 2016, expanding to 5650sf at the same time.

Customers often find our responsiveness refreshing in today's business environment. The personal attention we give to each customer and their needs sets us apart from other powder coaters. Good communication can often save a lot of time and money down the road. We have the flexibility of being a smaller company but we offer professionalism and services well beyond our size.

Powder coatings:

  • Tiger Drylac
  • Cardinal Powders
  • TCI Powders
  • Akzo Nobel


  • Calvary Industries
  • Win Solutions


  • Caplugs/Shercon
  • Argon Masking
  • DB Roberts Company

Itw gema powder coating guns

2 - col-met powder coating booths

Powder Systems Inc - gas fired oven - 16' x 8' x 8'

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