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Masking services can be provided to protect threads and other critical areas that need to be free of coating. We have an large assortment of silicone caps and plugs as well as various shapes and sizes of hi temperature tapes. We can open .dxf, .dwg, .tcw and Solidworks files if you would like precise masking to your geometry. Save time and money by not re-tapping or chasing threads!


Parts can be packed to your requirements. We have a variety of packing supplies on hand or we will be glad to order packaging to suit your specific needs.

All parts are chemically pretreated to ensure that you get the maximum life out of your powder coat finish. Great care is given to removing all dirt and oils, leaving a "water break free" surface. Parts are then run through our industrial oven to dry. Because of our batch style process we are able to closely monitor this critical stage of the powder coating process.

In order to minimize environmental impacts our wash system is completely free of phosphates and heavy metals.

In conjunction with an alkaline degreaser we use a Zirconium Conversion Coat. Zirconium is a green alternative to iron phosphate and even approaches the corrosion resistance of some zinc conversion coatings. A microcrystalline deposit is left on the surface of the part after rinsing which promotes adhesion in addition to its protective qualities.

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